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May 29, 2015

Looking Forward, Reaching Higher...
Our philosophy is to look forward and embrace the positive changes made possible by innovations in technology. We have many products, including deposits, loans, and investments which can make the financial side of your life more convenient and profitable.

Credit & Debit Cards
Get ATM access and more with a First Pioneer National Bank STAR ATM/Debit Card. Use your card to access First Pioneer accounts 24 hours a day at ATM locations everywhere. Or use it instead of cash, check or credit card. The amount of your purchase will be deducted from your primary checking account.

Get cash everywhere you go with a First Pioneer National Bank STAR ATM Card. Your STAR ATM Card gives you instant access to your First Pioneer accounts at hundreds of ATMs worldwide. Get cash, transfer between accounts, even check your balance at any location.

First Pioneer National Bank offers a range of credit card options consisting of VISA Classic, VISA Gold and MasterCard standard cards to meet your financial needs. Features include cash availability worldwide, 24 hour ATM cash access, 25 day interest free grace period, and optional credit life insurance. Payment options let you decide whether to pay your account balance in full or make low monthly payments of as little as 5% of your balance.

Click Here to request a credit card application.

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