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July 2, 2015

Looking Forward, Reaching Higher...
Our philosophy is to look forward and embrace the positive changes made possible by innovations in technology. We have many products, including deposits, loans, and investments which can make the financial side of your life more convenient and profitable.


Robert U. Hansen, Chairman of the Board
Thomas D. Bennett
Robert C. Gunnon
Judith A. Gunnon
Al J. Campbell
Norvin H. Frerichs
Keith Waggoner
Donald M. Koenig, Jr.



Loan Department
Mark A Valko, Executive Vice-President and Chief Credit Officer
MLO ID 742300
Darrel G. Wiley, Senior Vice President
MLO ID 1097275
Sean Siegrist, Vice-President and Farm Service Manager
Marlea Smith, Compliance Officer
MLO ID 742299
Emily Ellis, Loan Officer
MLO ID 1052624

Operations Department
Cheryl Prather, Senior Vice President & Cashier
Ruth Houston, Teller Operations Officer
Jolene Brunswig, Deposit Operations Officer

Individual Retirement Accounts Admin
Robyn Woehl
Tanya Walter


Lending Department
Thomas D. Bennett, President
MLO ID 742295
Ben J. Rahe, Vice President
MLO ID 742298

Operations Department
Karla DeBoer, Operations Officer

Individual Retirement Accounts Admin
Karla DeBoer

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